Nanjing university of science and technology "difficult forming materials increase material manufacturing technology and equipment research center" is a by the professor, internationally renowned experts, young teachers and people of graduate student innovation research team, the team based on a nc forming technology and equipment state local joint engineering laboratory, high-end manufacturing equipment and technology joint laboratory engineering laboratory of jiangsu province, China and Germany material manufacturing, ministry of collaborative innovation center and other scientific research platform, aviation and aerospace in the fields of material manufacturing technology research and development needs, Key research on additive innovative design, intelligent additive manufacturing process and system, ceramic direct additive manufacturing, functional structure integration of the whole additive manufacturing technology





Manufacturing of Metallic Powders
Design for Additive Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Materials
Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics
Integrated Additive Manufacturing Process and Equipment


The additive manufacturing team of "hard to form material additive manufacturing technology and equipment" of Nanjing University of technology has 111 talent introduction bases, international cooperation bases such as the additive manufacturing joint laboratory of Nanjing University of technology and University of Leuven, and international first-class universities such as University of Leuven and University of Texas Austin. Every year, special funds are allocated from the funds to support laboratory personnel and graduate students International exchanges and cooperation and participation in international academic conferences and invited experts and scholars from home and abroad to give lectures in the laboratory. At the same time, it cooperates closely with domestic aerospace science and technology group, aerospace science and industry group, aviation industry group, Yuchen laser, weapon industry and other important application enterprises and 3D equipment enterprises. The cooperative research work at home and abroad carried out by the laboratory through multiple channels and at multiple levels has made remarkable achievements, and has been praised by the cooperators and the society.

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